Deborah Chambers, Ageless Style Icon


Deborah is the beauty and brains behind @deborah__darling, an Instagram account dedicated to ageless style, and in her words, ‘showing off’!

At Qr8, we love the beauty in looking good, not young, so we asked Deborah (who at 57 is at her personal peak) to share some of her behind-the-scenes tips with us.

Deborah Chambers

A Q+A with Deborah Chambers

Image credit: @not_going_quietly

Image credit: @not_going_quietly

What does your day look like?

During the week I get up at 5am, and take a brisk walk to the gym. I have an hour-long personal training session three times a week. On the other two days I do my own thing at the gym... usually some core work and stationary cycling.

If my grandson and I don't have other arrangements, we go out into the countryside to cycle together on Sunday mornings. (I am so very grateful for our close friendship, he is 15 so I hope that it lasts!)

My day job is mostly behind a desk, and is mixed bag of customer care, helping clients to create great LinkedIn profiles and some technical writing. I do some modelling work, and television commercials in between, and my new-found (and rather unexpected) role as an influencer takes up at least an hour or two a day with managing my social media accounts and keeping in touch with people.

I absolutely love to travel and was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam for the first time recently. My dream job would be one that allowed me to travel - working on that!!

What is your skincare philosophy?

Two rules that I never break are to remove my makeup and cleanse my face before going to bed, and to make sure that I either wear sunblock, or a foundation with a sun protection factor built in during the day. 

My skin is very sensitive, and prone to break outs in all sorts of nasty rashes/dermatitis, so I stick to very simple products with no active ingredients.


Do you have a hero product/treatment? Something you really rate? Why?

I haven't found a hero product yet, but I have recently started using squalane oil on the advice of two of my lovely Instagram friends. It has only been about two weeks, but so far so good... no dermatitis or rashes, so I am feeling hopeful that it may add hydration without creating a reaction.

What skin/skincare advice would you give to your younger self?

Don't sunbathe! I shudder to think of how much exposure my poor skin got in my childhood and teenage years.

What would you never do to your skin?

I don't plan on undergoing any invasive anti-ageing treatments. I would love to have the time and money to be able to treat myself to more facials and treatments to aid with hydration and the general condition of my skin, but I don't think that I will have any aggresive anti-ageing procedures.

Are there things you love or hate about your skin as you age? How does this make you feel?

I believe that ageing is a great privilege, and that the lines and marks on my face and body tell the story of my journey; the good the bad and the ugly (do you have any idea how much laughing I have had to do to get these crinkles???).