·     Annual Membership – AUD $660 per annum.

·     Monthly Membership – AUD $55 per annum.

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS: you accept these Terms and Conditions by paying an Annual Membership or Monthly membership fee. 

MEMBER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL: You may cancel your Monthly Membership with the giving of 28 days notice. You may cancel your Annual Membership to finish at the end of your contact period with the giving of 28 days notice, if you do not give notice on your Annual Membership it will continue on a month to month basis until such time as you decide to finish. For the purposes of any requirements in this agreement, Qr8 will accept notification from the member by email.

WHEN CAN QR8 END YOUR MEMBERSHIP: In addition to any other rights that Qr8 has under this agreement, Qr8 can terminate your membership by written notice to you if you fail to act in accordance with any obligation under this agreement or that is considered lawfully correct and if capable of remedy you do not remedy the failure within a reasonable time of us giving you written notice requiring you do so. However, Qr8 will not seek to end your membership in this way if you have failed to make a payment and Qr8 are also in breach of a material condition of this agreement. If Qr8 cancel this agreement under this paragraph you will be liable for membership fees for the time you were a member. On rare occasions Qr8 may cancel a membership by written notice to the member without the need to give a reason. If Qr8 cancels your membership under this paragraph you will only be liable for the membership fees for the time you were a member and any other fees for services already provided. No cancellation fee will apply and Qr8 will refund the sum of $50, you agree that this payment is your sole entitlement to compensation for cancellation of your membership under this paragraph. 

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP AND ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: This agreement is a legally binding obligation for which you are financially responsible. You agree that, if you fail to pay when a payment is due, you must immediately pay the amount owing. This is an ongoing membership agreement. 

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: You understand that Account / credit card details must be provided as a security. The early cancellation fee for this membership is 50% of the fees that have been paid calculated on a pro-rata basis. All refunds will be by credit or direct deposit into the nominated account – there are no cash refunds. 

TERMINATION FOR CAUSE BY Qr8. Qr8 may, at its option, terminate your membership if (1) you fail to make payments or any payments or fees are late, (2) the monthly EFT payments or membership fees are interrupted or discontinued for any reason and you or your cosigner do not provide an acceptable alternative, (3) you fail to follow any membership policies or violate any part of this agreement, or (4) your conduct is improper and harmful to the best interest of the members. Termination is effective on the date a written notice to your last known address. you are liable for all financial obligations until that date. Qr8 also reserves the right to terminate your membership for any reason not stated above and if not prohibited by law. If your membership is so terminated, you will receive a termination notice and a refund of any unused membership fees. 

NO MEDICAL ADVICE. You understand and acknowledge that Qr8 will not, and can not, provide you with any medical advice. If you have any health or medical concerns now or after you join you will discuss them with your doctor before using any products or undertaking any procedures. You must advise Qr8 of any situation that alters any previous disclosure that you have made in relation to your health.

ASSUMPTION OF RISK OF INJURY AND WAIVER OF CLAIMS. You assume all risks of injury and waive all rights to pursue money damages or any other relief of any kind as a result of anything occurring from your membership. In the event that you are injured, you will hold harmless Qr8 and all of their owners, employees, agents, successors and assigns from all claims of any sort for damages or for other relief, including but not limited to claims for contribution. You acknowledge there is possible danger connected with any products or procedures and knowingly and voluntarily waive your right to make a legal or equitable claim of any sort against Qr8 and all of their owners, employees, agents, successors and assigns from all claims of any sort for damages or for other relief, including but not limited to claims for contribution. This assumption of risk and waiver of liability applies to your family members, successors, heirs and assigns. 

DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PHYSICAL CONDITION. You agree to disclose to Qr8 all relevant personal health information as a part of your membership or any service provided. This is inclusive of any health risk assessment and relevant information or recommendations provided by your medical or allied health practitioner/s. 

MINIMUM AGE: All membership holders of Qr8 must be a minimum of 18 years of age. 

PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS. you must provide your personal email address as a primary contact method and in order to activate or access certain Qr8 or services. You also will receive occasional emails from Qr8 updating you on your membership benefits. However, you will always have the option to opt-out from receiving these updates by replying and requesting to be unsubscribed. 

PRIVACY STATEMENT. THE QR8 PRIVACY POLICY: From when a member applies for membership, Qr8 will have access to personal information about them, such as information relating to their health and preferences. Qr8 will protect this information and only use, disclose or deal with this information in accordance with its Privacy Policy. The latest version of the Privacy Policy is available on our website. 

PLEASE KEEP CONTACT DETAILS UP TO DATE: you must tell Qr8 promptly if you change your address, phone number, email, bank account, credit card information for payment or if there is a change to any other personal information relevant to your membership with Qr8. This includes any matters that affect the health or safety of yourself or others. 

GENERAL: All memberships, except for pre-paid memberships, are an ongoing membership agreement that will continue until either you or Qr8 terminates it in the way described in the agreement. If an automatic debit arrangement is in place, membership fees will continue to be debited from your credit card or account until you or Qr8 cancels the arrangement by notifying your bank or credit provider. If you terminate the agreement or stop the automatic debt arrangement in a manner not described in the agreement, then you may be liable to Qr8 for damages for breach of contract. 

Qr8 will respond to its receipt of a written notice to cancel a membership within 7 working days.

VARIATION TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Qr8 has the right to alter these terms and Conditions by giving members 28 days notice.