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Dr Michele Squire

PhD, BSc (Hons), BBus, RN

Who I am

A PhD-qualified scientist, science educator, and former Registered Nurse who has been researching skincare science for more than 17 years.

A consumer advocate. Think of me as your beauty best friend, without judgement, vested interests or affiliations. I’m only interested in what YOU want for your skin, not what I can sell you.

I come from a place of ‘yes’ - I want to give you access to the best providers, clinicians and information in the business, without negativity or bashing brands in the process.

Why I created Qr8

I meet beautiful people every day trying to navigate the enormous variety of skincare products available in stores; spending a fortune on products and still not getting the skin they want. The solution doesn’t involve buying more, but in learning how to differentiate between the pseudoscience and what actually works. How to avoid celebrity marketing and pretty packaging in favour of results.

This is particularly important as our skincare needs change with age. As a 50-year old woman, I understand that there is beauty in the process of ageing and I want to help you navigate that process with simple, science-backed, skincare education.

So I created Qr8 - a resource for women and men who want intelligent, positive conversation about which skincare actually gets results, and a simple, streamlined routine to get those results.

P.S. I also know that skincare is about having your ‘beauty moment’, a little time for yourself. So Qr8 is presented beautifully, but never at the expense of solid science (we like our substance with style).